Monday, February 20, 2017

Fuck Mondays

My cat won't stop biting my toes. It's probably his way of telling me to get off the iPad and get dressed for work. Or "feed me food slave". He's best defined as a cuddly asshole, so there's no telling.

The BF is on week two of a military exercise, or just fucking off in the woods with no goddamn signal.  Since his idea of slumming it is a 2 star hotel, I can only imagine the hell he's putting his minions through. No matter what, he kinda needs to come home soon so there's someone to stop me from staying up till 2am watching Disney movies. And dropping 100 bucks to make my own bookshelf out of wooden crates. On a related note, the kids can't paint for shit as I've discovered.

At least he'll come home to a half finished bookshelf. And a house that needs cleaning. And the pile of laundry I've been meaning to fold for about two weeks.

On second thought, I see why he's out camping in a field.

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