Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hurray for drugs!....legally prescribed ones

Let's make this short since I have a toothache from hell, and it doesn't take long for the Norco to kick in for me.

A miracle occurred last night. I was so beaten down and ready to give my resignation before I did myself permanent psychological damage. I threw a post on Facebook begging friends to let me know if anyone was hiring for anything at all.

And an old hospital friend came more than through for me. Told me of a place and immediately sent them my number. They called less than 5 minutes later and bam! I had an interview for 9 the next morning.

Here's the miracle part, she had already heard so many things about me that I was hired ON THE SPOT. I'll work less hours and make more money. I'm still in shock. Went in to work, clocked in and gave my 2 weeks notice.

Even when things seem hopeless, and that it feels like there is no point to going on, keep going. I've been struggling for so long, and something good has finally happened. I just had to hold on long enough to get to it. I'm not saying the road ahead will be easy, but now it's a little less rocky.

More people care than you realize, and I was reminded of that. Problems will come and go. You just have to keep moving. Even if it's taking a mental health day to hide under the blankets, or finally sitting down to cry about it. Just breathe, and keep going. Life will get better, just take care of yourself until it does.

(....yeah, drugs have hit. Thank you auto correct for the spelling. All maudlin feels and rambling is on me.)

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  1. Be proud of yourself! Most people with what we deal with wouldn't have made it through, fuck..I have not made it through at times..But, you did!!! The struggle is real, But US Strong Bitches fight..!!! We may not be Stable..But we Are fucking Strong!!! Xoxo