Friday, March 3, 2017

This is real

I've started the first sentence of this post a few times to try to make it flow, but brain is not cooperating. So try to bear with me here.

I try to tell my kids to let go of shit because people are stupid. Sad. But true. Yet here I am still angry about work yesterday. Nothing quite sets me off like being ignored when I was absolutely right.  I have 3 days left and I'm struggling to give a fuck enough to go get dressed for today.

Bestie is on vacation, so I'm the only tech kicking around right now. Doesn't bother me, I was the only tech for years at my last job. So, I'm pretty good at getting the flow going to get shit done. Neurotic pharmacist felt differently. She was convinced I had to have help, despite the fact I cleared everything in no time. What makes me angry is numerous things.

First, if I need help at work, I will ask. Second, if I say I've got it, then I've got it. Third, I called the bitch pharmacy manager to say she was overreacting and that I was fine.

Being ignored makes me angry. Being treated like I'm incompetent? That makes me livid.

Sitting here wondering whats the point of going in these last few days. Busting ass only to be treated like I'm an idiot isn't going to fly. Curse my friends. I'd have bailed if not for them

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How do I normal?

Okay, so day 1 at the new job.....kind of. "Orientation", meaning can I do all the shit I claim I can. Which normally wouldn't be an issue, but.......slightly drugged out from the toothache that just won't fucking die. So this will be fun.

Typically, when I  start a new job, I try to behave as best I can for the first month or two. Kind of ease them into the crazy. But with today's cocktail of meds.....we'll see. Please god don't let me make any penis jokes or "that's what she said" today. This is really freaking hard to do.

....that's what she said. DAMNIT!

I'm so boned.